Shrager Law First-Year Student Scholarship

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July 17th


“Students deserve to have the chance to pursue higher education. At Shrager & Sachs, a personal injury law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we believe in helping students achieve this goal. This is why we’re offering a once-yearly scholarship to students who are planning to attend or are in their first year of undergraduate or graduate school. We understand that for many students, finances are a major struggle when trying to take their next educational step. In 2019, we started this scholarship to help remove that barrier and aid students in their pursuit of higher learning. We’re proud to continue the scholarship in 2020 and beyond.”
– Shrager and Sachs site


  • The applicant must currently be in their first year or plan on attending undergraduate or graduate school for their first year.
  • The school must be in the United States, but can be within any state.
  • You must be living in the U.S. by the scholarship due date and have a United States mailing address.
  • You must prove your first-year status. Attach a digital copy (PDF, JPG/PNG screenshot, or photo) of your acceptance letter verifying your first-year status. The letter should have the college letterhead or logo on it. If you do not have your letter, we also accept other forms of proof, including an email from the college stating you’ve been accepted for your first year, digital transcripts, or a screencap of your first course load.

How to Apply:

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