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CYBER Forensics Scholarship

Deadline: June 30th Description: Cyber Forensics is offering an annual scholarship beginning Spring of 2018 to help promote study and scholarship within the important evolving field of computer forensics analysis, . The scholarship is entitled the Cyber Forensics Social Media Open-Source Forensics Software Scholarship and it is open to a student who can identify the best open-source social media forensics software […]

Minc Law Scholarship

Deadline: July 31st Description; The Minc Law Scholarship was created with the belief that everyone who wants to continue learning in college, should get the chance to do so. Minc Law has created a scholarship to give college students the chance to further their education by awarding one person a scholarship to be applied to their college tuition bill. Eligibility: […]

Thomas Law Office Scholarship

Deadline: July 12th Description: Thomas Law Offices, a personal injury law firm in Louisville, Kentucky, is offering a once-yearly scholarship to students who are attending college during the upcoming fall semester. They understand that education costs are a hardship many students struggle to overcome. The Louisville personal injury lawyers believe that by helping students overcome those struggles, our world can become a […]