Sarasota Dentistry Scholarship Essay Contest


December 15th


“Sarasota Dentistry is pleased to announce they will be holding a “Sarasota Dentistry Dental National Scholarship Contest”. As a Dentist, Dr. Michael places great value in his own education and the sacrifices made along the way to becoming a successful Dentist. As a strong advocate for education and higher learning, Dr. Michael is proud to give back to aspiring students through the Sarasota Dentistry Dental Scholarship Essay Contest. This annual scholarship is awarded to two students based on merit (one pre-dental student and one dental student).


The scholarship is available to:

  • Any college student who is currently admitted to and attending an undergraduate or graduate degree program at an accredited US university or college.
  • Employees or family members of employees at Sarasota Dentistry are disqualified from applying for the scholarship.
  • Past winners are disqualified from reapplying for the scholarship.

How to Apply:

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