What You Need To Know and Do Before Applying for Scholarships

Fortunately, many scholarships use similar scholarship essay prompts so you need to know how to answer them and spend as little time as possible writing your essay.

Some of the general questions/topics they’ll ask about may include:

  • Why you are applying for the scholarship?
  • What you will do with the money, if you are awarded a scholarship? 
  • What do you plan to do with your degree? 
  • How can/will you give back to your community?
  • How will you use your skills/degree to better your community? 
  • What/who has helped you get to the place you are today?
  • How has COVID-19 affected you and how have you shown resilience?
  • Do you have a Financial need? If yes, why?
  • How will the scholarship help you or your family?

You should create drafts for each of these questions. Write at least a few sentences for each so that you can simply elaborate on them during the application process. This will help you to not have to start from scratch.