3-Way Scholarship Match for SWAU

Note: This scholarship is not available for SWAU online programs.


Fall semester: December 1st

Spring semester: April 1st

You must reapply each semester!


The 3-way Scholarship Match is an institutional program whereby the student petitions, on their own behalf, two contributors/sponsors to make a payment towards the student’s account balance. SWAU will then add an additional contribution, equal to or the lesser of the two, amounts paid by the designated sponsors up to $500. This Scholarship Match is intended to help students who have not secured sufficient funds to cover expenses; after applying and accepting all Federal/State grants and loans available, along with work earnings. This is a Need-Based Scholarship program.


Student must not:

  • Be a recipient of educational subsidy,
  • Be a part of a discounted program
  • Be enrolled in SWAU online programs

Student must:

  • Be enrolled full-time
  • Apply for and accept all Federal/State grants and loans
  • Have unmet need as determined by the federal aid calculation
  • Have unmet expenses after all aid and earnings from work

SWAU will only match the lower of the two contributed amounts. Maximum match: $500.00 *Applicants must reapply each semester*

Private dorm room disqualifies students.

Southwestern Adventist University will match funds only after determining that the student as met all qualifiers for the 3-Way Scholarship Match program. If additional aid is received after the 3-way has been awarded causing an over-award on Federal Student Aid, adjustments will be made to the student’s aid awards. This could include reduction in loan awards and/or loss of the 3-way match portion. This is a need-based scholarship. 

How to Apply: