The RIZE Foundation


October 15th


We provide students with scholarships that help them successfully turn a dream into a meaningful, skill-based degree and a rewarding career.

The RIZE Foundation

Scholarships are available to students at any of the nearly 100 LCMC schools. This consortium of private colleges across the country is dedicated to lowering the cost and increasing the accessibility of higher education and delivering new courses, programs, and opportunities through Rize Education.


Fill out this form to get a prompt. Send us a 500-word essay or 4 min video telling us why you’re a good fit for this scholarship, and we’ll pick a recipient!

Rize Education has identified four pathways to professional excellence where students will be eligible to receive rewards. Please apply to whichever category fits you best!

●      Campus Life — rewarding those who go the extra mile to enrich their fellow students through campus organizations.

●      Growing Fields — encouraging those who are pursuing the high-growth careers we’ve identified as “fields of the future.”

●      Women in STEM — lifting up women’s voices in fast-growing science and tech fields.

●      1st Generation Students — supporting students who are facing the unique challenges of being the first in their family to attend college.


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