Silver Dollar Financial’s Disaster Relief Scholarship


December 15, 2021


As a pre-settlement funding lender, Silver Dollar Financial knows that hardships can befall anyone. Our clients often are the victims of negligence or circumstance, and their lives can be greatly improved by the financial relief we provide. However, our specialists know that hardship can come in many forms. That is why we are introducing the Silver Dollar Financial Disaster Relief Scholarship. That is why we are introducing the $2,500 Silver Dollar Financial Disaster Relief Scholarship.

Statistics from the Insurance Information Institute indicate that natural disasters are among the most devastating events in the United States and the world. Whether the event is a wildfire, earthquake, cyclone, tornado, hurricane, blizzard, or flood, natural disasters claim hundreds of American lives and wreak many billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year in the U.S. Silver Dollar Financial wants to put a spotlight on the efforts of community members to help each other during these tragic occurrences celebrate the indomitable human spirit that helps us overcome these adversities.

Our new scholarship is open to all current college students as well as prospective enrollees. We want to hear from you about a difficult situation you have faced in the past due to a natural disaster— which does not have to be financial in nature. The loss of a home or loved one, significant changes in your daily schedule, and a host of other complexities thrust upon you by a natural disaster all qualify for this scholarship. The ideal applicant will fit the following criteria:

  • Experienced a natural disaster
  • Endured some form of hardship as a result of that natural disaster
  • Emerged from the natural disaster as a changed individual


This scholarship is available to all incoming and currently enrolled college students. Applicants must be enrolled or scheduled to enroll in an accredited institution in the United States of America. A transcript may be required to ensure the applicant’s academic status.

How to Apply: Click Here For More Information

Any prospective applicant must fill out the form on this page, including contact information and data about the school they attend or will be attending.

An applicant for the Silver Dollar Financial Disaster Relief Scholarship can choose between either of the following two essay topics:

What life lessons did you take from experiencing a natural disaster? OR
How do you plan to use your education to give back and rebuild your community?
Essays are limited to a maximum of 1,000 words.

At the end of your essay, include a paragraph about the ways in which this scholarship will help you achieve your goals. This paragraph will not be counted as part of the 1,000-word limitation.

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