WiseGeek Law no-essay Scholarship


December 1, 2021


“Lawyers play a critical role in our democracy, protecting us in the courts, ensuring contracts are legal and fair to all parties and defending the rights of every citizen. Graduating from college with a law degree is one of the toughest, and most expensive, educational challenges anyone can take on.

Law school tuition is very high and, even before a law student hits campus, it costs a lot for the tests required to get into law school. Taking the bar adds more expenses at the end of law school. For most aspiring lawyers, that means starting out with a large pile of debt that can limit their choices in terms of the kind of law they practice, where they start their careers, and sometimes even mean delaying the start of their career.


Current graduate or undergraduate student in a law program or a high school senior who has plans to study law

U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident

How to Apply:

You can apply for this scholarship on the Bold.org scholarship platform. Just set up a student profile on Bold.org and submit your application.

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