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United Cooperative Services Scholarship Program

Deadline:  June 1st Description: United Cooperative Services created a scholarship award program to encourage and assist in the educational pursuits of United Cooperative Services’ members and their families. More than 20 years ago, United Cooperative Services awarded its first scholarships to local high school students and returning college students.  United […]

Fix The Photo Academic Scholarship

Deadline: May 31st Description: Fix The Photo is a leading Photo Editing Service that holds leadership in the demanding sphere of photography post processing services for more than 13 years. Our team consists of impressively skillful photo makers and experienced picture editors who are able to work with numerous image retouching programs, […]

The Technical Generation Scholarship

Deadline: May 17th Description: Our education and scholarship programs aim to inspire and help students become future leaders by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from entering their respective fields. The Technical Generation Scholarship was established to help aspiring students become leaders in their field of interest. Selected students will receive $2,000 USD for […]

Car Seat Research Scholarship

Deadline: November 15th Description: If you believe you have a creative and innovative mind, you are more than welcome to try. Your participation will be appreciated. Of course, you will have to compete with the other participants to get the chance to receive the award. When it comes to the […]